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Marketing Media & Design

I previously worked part-time as a member of my school's Marketing and Design Team. When making documents or publications, my goal is to reflect the school's designated design motifs, fonts, and colors so my work matches the school's branding. I listen to the requests and needs of the school Admissions Director, Marketing Director, or administrators, and I create a document according to their specifications. They review the document and possibly request changes, and I revise my work again before it is ultimately published or printed. So far I have enjoyed:

  • Making flyers, handouts, programs, booklets, brochures, posters, videos

  • Making ads (print, digital, video)

  • Making canvas prints and hanging banners to decorate school walls or promote events

  • Formatting the school course guidebook, college counseling guidebook, school policy guidebook, and others

  • Taking and editing photos for the school website (including faculty headshots)

  • Posting content on school social media accounts

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